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Here are some helpful things to know about our business,

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We don't expect you to know everything there is about a Fireplace. That's our job, right?

In the Hearth, Patio, BBQ industry there’s a lot to know about a lot of things. We pride ourselves in being the leaders in knowledge, information, and industry standards in the PNW. That being said, there is still important information for you to know as a homeowner to operate your appliance, and some tips and tricks in the trade that we’d like to share!

What do I do if I smell gas?

If you smell gas, the following information is instructions from Avista’s website:

  • Don’t do anything that could create a spark. Smoking, matches, turning electrical switches on or off, even using the telephone could start a fire.
  • Evacuate everyone from the area, and keep others away.
  • Call 911 and Avista at (800) 227-9187 from a neighbor’s home.
  • Stay away from your home or building until Avista says it is safe.
  • Never try to fix a damaged natural gas line or restrict gas flow in any way. Avista needs to inspect the line.
Can I operate my gas fireplace, stove, or insert during a power outage?

Generally speaking, YES! You can operate your gas fireplace, insert, or freestanding stove during a power outage – depending on how your unit ignites or turns on. Many new units have a battery back up so that the ignitor or burner will spark if the power is out. You can read your owner’s manual for more information on your specific fireplace.

My remote is not working and I changed the batteries. What else might be wrong?

Most unit have both a REMOTE and a RECEIVER in the unit, and a lot of times the Receiver Box takes batteries as well. If you have already changed the Remote with fresh (new) batteries, then we recommend also changing the Receiver box batteries.

After both parts have new batteries, you will also need to re-sync the remote and the receiver. On the receiver box there is usually a button that is labeled “Learn” or “Sync”. Press this button until you here a beep, then press a button on the remote. This will make the pieces “talk” to each other once again, and that should fix the issue. 

If you are still experiencing issues or your fireplace will not light, please call us at 509-926-8911 to discuss service options.

I'm having trouble with my Wood-Burning Stove/Fireplace/Insert. Can you Help? Do you do chimney sweeps?

The short answer is, Yes, We can Help!  There are many reasons that a wood-burning appliance can go from operating perfectly to not at all in a short window of time. There are also outside factors such as atmospheric conditions that can affect the operation from day-to-day as well. 

For us to best assist you and help determine why your wood-burning unit may be having issues, please click on the link below and fill out the questionnaire completely. This gives us the information we need to help solve the problem and find a solution!


Where can I find information about Burning Bans that might affect heating with my wood stove?

Spokane Clean Air is the best local resource to find the current burn ban restrictions in our area. Please visit the Spokane Clean Air website for current burn restrictions or bans, air quality information, and other useful information!


Do you do service on Traeger Grills?


If your grill is around 3 years old or newer, we recommend you call Traeger at 1-800-TRAEGER and see if the service call, diagnostic, and parts might be covered under warranty. If so, they will issue a warranty authorization to us, and we can work on the grill for you.

If you live in the Spokane/CDA area we would prefer to come to your home to service the grill (we do house calls!). This saves you from having to move it, load it, unload it, and have us store it here. It is faster and more convenient for us to do the service at your home when possible.

Do you work on Gas Grills?

Grills can be tricky with parts, especially for older models or brands. Our policy is typically to service anything that we’ve sold.

The current brands of Grills we carry are Traeger, Napoleon, Masterbuilt, and Kamado Joe.

We are not able to service Weber grills.

We also do not do cleaning on grills.

Can you replace the glass on my fireplace or stove?

Unless it is a newer unit and the glass might be covered under warranty, we actually recommend Valley Glass for glass replacement. They are able to replace glass that is made especially for fireplaces and stoves so it will withstand the heat and temperatures.

What can I use to clean my gas fireplace glass?

Do NOT use Windex or similar products to clean the glass on your gas fireplace, stove, or insert. This may cause “etching” on the glass from the chemicals in these types of cleaners. 

We carry a product called White Off that is especially made to clean the glass on gas units. It retails for around $13 plus tax.

Do you sell Pellets?

We do! 

We currently carry the North Idaho Energy Logs Super Premium Wood Pellets. 

You can purchase single bags, or purchase a full ton. We also allow customer to pre-pay for fuel and pick up as needed* (it’s like free storage!)

*We typically guarantee fuel pick up between September-March each year. Occasionally we have had to limit quantities to ensure that we can best serve all of our customers during fuel shortages.

Do you sell wood for wood burning stoves?

We don’t carry cord wood, but we do sell the North Idaho Energy Logs. One Unit of Energy Logs (240 logs) is equivalent to about 1.5-2 cords of dry firewood. 

You can purchase single logs, or purchase a full unit at a time. We also allow customer to pre-pay for fuel and pick up as needed* (it’s like free storage!)

*We typically guarantee fuel pick up between September-March each year. Occasionally we have had to limit quantities to ensure that we can best serve all of our customers during fuel shortages.

Do you carry Pellets for Pellet Grills?

We carry Traeger Brand Pellets and Cookin’ Brand Pellets for pellet smoker grills. Bags range in size from 20-40 lbs. depending on the brand and “flavor”.

Can you install a stove or fireplace that was acquired elsewhere (not purchased from Falcos)?

Unfortunately due to limitations with our insurance requirements and other liability reasons, we are unable to install any stoves, fireplaces, inserts, or other appliances that were not purchased from Falcos. 

Do you buy used stoves to re-sell?

No, we do not purchase used stoves. However, we do occasionally offer Trade-In Events or cooperate with local programs to be able to offer a credit or rebate on upgrading an appliance.

See information on the Spokane Clean Air website about their Change Out program:

Old wood stove? Replace it!

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