Heat pumps look and function the same as air conditioners for cooling, but in cool months when heat is called for they reverse operation to provide warmth for your home.

An efficient heat pump can do this so effectively some homeowners in warmer climates rely exclusively on these units for year-round comfort. If you live in a colder environment, electric-powered heat pumps are great in combination with your oil- or gas-fueled furnace as a Hybrid Heat® solution, which can result in significant savings on your overall heating costs.

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Infinity® Series Heat Pump with Greenspeed™ Intelligence

The pinnacle of Carrier® engineering, our Infinity series heat pump with Greenspeed intelligence offers precise heating and cooling, unwavering comfort, uncompromising energy efficiency and ultra-quiet cooling performance. No wonder this system earned the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2012 qualification. What’s more, all Infinity heat pumps can be part of our revolutionary Hybrid Heat® dual fuel system, which saves you money year-round.

Infinity® Series Heat Pumps

The Infinity series heat pump is part of an intelligent, communicating system that delivers superior comfort, quiet performance and enviable efficiency in both heating and cooling modes. In fact, all Infinity models and sizes have earned the ENERGY STAR® qualification. What’s more, they all can be part of a revolutionary Hybrid Heat® dual fuel system, to save you money year-round.

Performance™ Series Heat Pumos

Calling it the Performance & Flexibility & Efficiency series proved to be too much of a mouthful, but these units certainly deserve the name. They deliver cozy heat, refreshing air conditioning and summer dehumidification—all with impressive SEER ratings of up to 17.5. This line is compatible as part of a Hybrid Heat® system and includes standard and compact models.

Comfort™ Series Heat Pumps

If you’re searching for the most economical way to get into a more efficient heat pump, look no further than our versatile Comfort series. These models offer summer dehumidification and air conditioning as well as cold-weather heating performance. They can be used as part of a Hybrid Heat® system and are available in a variety of sizes, including a heat pump that earns the ENERGY STAR® qualification when paired with select indoor equipment featuring high-efficiency blower motors.