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Enviro has some of the most efficient wood stoves in the business. By using renewable wood fuel, you are reducing the amount of fossil fuel emissions and electricity used, lessening the impact on our environment. Progressive Burn Technology is designed to keep hot embers in the firebox after a nights burning. This process is achieved by restricting the air in the back of the firebox, leaving hot embers for you to start up your insert again.

Enviro’s Kodiak 1200 and 1700 are some of Falco’s top sellers. Both of these wood stoves have large firebox capacity for long overnight burns. Its twin pilot injection ports help for a quick and easy start up while its single, easy-to-use air control adjusts the heat output and regulates the fire.

Swing by our Spokane Valley showroom today to see all of our wood stove options as well as all of our other heating options.

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