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Like most gas inserts offered at Falco’s, Enviro’s gas inserts are designed with a clean-face design which means they operate without having louvers above or below the glass. This achieves a clean modern look while maximizing the viewing area. In addition to the clean-face design an optional riser, hearth shelf and choice of burner all help with the aesthetics of your gas insert. Don’t let the construction of your existing hearth limit your options! Hearth shelves and risers can be added to all inserts. You can even embrace the rustic look with an authentic log set (7 different ceramic colors), or go contemporary with a glass burner. An extra bonus of owning a gas insert is the potential lack of power circumstances. If you lose power, a gas insert is still operable by lighting your pilot…no electricity needed.

One of our best selling gas inserts at Falco’s is Enviro’s E33. It is a large gas insert that heats 1,800 square feet with a steady state efficiency of 82%. The optional remote or thermostat control is a popular demand that many Spokane locals request.

Come into our Spokane Valley showroom to compare dozens of gas, wood, and pellet inserts and more!

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